What is Hipe English language coaching and who is it for?

Hipe English language coaching is for people who want to improve, develop and refine their written or spoken English skills, to overcome personal challenges and achieve business and professional goals.

Hipe English language coaching helps you succeed!

Hipe English language coaching is designed to help you focus on your English language needs and eliminate your limiting beliefs, blocks and barriers, and develop your skill through practice.


Many are under the false impression that learning a new language is hard and takes a long time to become fluent. It is true that opportunities to practice language in a safe environment are few and far between, and most language training courses are generic and not tailored to you. Hipe English language coaching is different!

Your coach will actually listen to your needs, create a safe space for you to practice and adapt the session specifically tailored to you.

You will discover how to “fine tune” your… :
·      Meeting and communication strategies
·      Business language fluency
·      Internal and external presentations
·      Sensitivity to cultural differences
·      Negotiating style
·      Telephone skills and on conference calls
·      Writing for a business audience

The truth is…
Most professional people can learn to improve their grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary rapidly, with tailored advice, guidance and PRACTICE.

That’s why we have developed a unique language coaching process to meet your personal and linguistics needs.

Your coach will use a variety of tools to understand how you work (not professionally but from a personal point of view) and adapt every step of your program to your learning style to build your confidence and your competence, so you can progress rapidly.

You will work within your comfort zone and step beyond your boundaries, at your pace, with your coach as a flexible guide.


Book your initial consultation now to experience the Hipe difference.

Carmina Catena

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