Penelope Crowdy


Hi my name is Penelope, I have been teaching English for the last 10 years. I hold a teaching diploma from Cambridge and am recognised as a certified English teacher in France. My speciality is communication. If your problem is that you understand but are unable to accurately express your thoughts, you’ve come to the right person. Intonation, rhythm, stress; that’s right up my street. I love talking a great deal and will help you with your ability to talk too!


About Penelope
I’ve been living and working in France for over forty years and have had had many different and exciting jobs; from translating at the Cannes Film Festival to running a Toy company. I’ve been an English teacher for the last ten years and I specialise in communication. I am very chatty and have many years of experience in both the English and French cultures. I have three children, three grandchildren, bees, chickens, a beautiful vegetable garden and a big red motorbike. I love travelling and do a lot of humanity work. I’ve recently returned from Sri Lanka where I was on a mission with my daughter, teaching English methodology to the Sri-Lankan English teachers.
I really look forward to sharing my experiences with you and hearing all about you!


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