How to make an appointment ?

                                                Follow the steps


  • Click on « Make An Appointment »


  • Select the duration of courses you want and click on « Show Available Times »
  •    Choose your provider and click on « Show Available Times »
  •    Select the schedule that suits you on the calendar according to the availability of the provider



  • You will be redirected directly to this form that you will have to complete


  • Go to « Store » and then select « Chekout » to see your reservation


  • Follow the instructions and fill in the required information to finalize your reservation


  • You will receive an email confirming your reservation

  • => Your provider will contact you by message or by email
  • => On the page « Make an appointment » you have the possibility to add this reservation on your Google Calendar


Warning :

  • – Verify that you are logged in before making your reservation
  • – Check that you have enough HiPes to make the reservation
  • When you add your reservation on Google Calendar, make sure to check if the time zone is correct with your country
  • – Warn (as soon as possible) your provider in case you need to cancel the reservation