euh-MEILLE-zing pre-none-si-EILLE-cheun for the French….

Soooooo you are in an international conference, your future clients are there, waiting for you to go and speak to them. You look the part, worked on your English and know your pitch by heart and you go:

“Euh , ello euh, ma neme is Bernard, euh, nice tout miiit you…”

They look at you…

You feel the tension, that little bead of sweat rolls down the side of your forehead.

Your pronunciation is shit, and you know it …..

France is notorious for having one of the worse records in English fluency. In 2012 a survey found that 70 per cent of French pupils aged 15 didn’t have the A2 level. But it’s changing, and with that, so is the entire teaching methodology.

Pronunciation is becoming a vital part of teaching and THIS, is challenging the older generation.

 The new comers will be able to hold a phone conversation without a stutter, they will hold visio-conferences without anyone asking them to repeat what they’ve just said, and above all, thanks to the magic power of intonation, people will no longer fall asleep during their presentation.

This is the Cambridge English Generation .

But you are not one of them.

 Noooo, you are the one who was told to learn all your irregular verbs by HEART, you are the one people made fun of because you tried to speak with accent, you are the one who read: “Brian is the kitchen” Clic here !

You are Bernard.

So how can Bernard improve his pronunciation?


Well here are 4 simple tips that will change your life:

1-Speak slowly

People who speak bad English tend to hide by trying to speak fast: DON’T you just sound like a fool to people who actually do speak English


2-Put some intonation !!!!!!!!!

There is nothing worse than listening to someone speaking in a monotonous voice. Please, please, please make an effort. If you don’t know how, just randomly go up and down in the sentence, eventually you will get the hang of it.


3-The letter i is pronounced /é/and the letter e is pronounced /iiiiiii/

Okay let me explain… “She is ill” is NOT pronounced: “shi iz il”

NO, it’s pronounced shiii éz él,

Hey, Click here 🙂


4-Make your vowels loooooooonger

Most English vowels are either long or double:

– Okay is not oké but okeille

– Sheet is not shit but shiiiit

– Beer is not bir but béeur

– No is not no but neuou

Thés éz ét feu naou (traduction: this is it for now)

 Thanks to my intern Laura Wahrheit for the great picture 🙂

Carmina Catena

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