Common mistakes – still, yet & already

Get focused for First Certificate! Take a minute to review ‘still’, ‘yet’ and ‘already’.

– ‘Still’ means something is continuing, usually later than expected.
Are you still awake? It’s 3 o’clock in the morning!

– ‘Already’ means something has happened sooner than expected.
You’ve missed her. She’s already left.

‘Still’ and ‘already’ go before the main verb with one-word verbs, but after be. With multi-word verbs, they go after the first auxiliary verb.
I’ve already eaten all my sandwiches, but I’m still feeling hungry.

– If there is a negative verb, it goes after still but before already.
I still haven’t seen that film. I hope you haven’t already watched it.

– ‘Yet’ means we expect something to happen. It is used with questions and negatives, and it goes at the end of the sentence.
He hasn’t finished the test yet.


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Carmina Catena

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