Common mistakes – spelling

Even native speakers find English spellings difficult to remember!

Take a look at the following words often misspelt when writing English – are you guilty too?
• Can you recommend me accommodation when I visit Brighton?
• Which country has the most women in government?
• What percentage of UK school children go on to study at university?
• What proportion of UK drivers are over 60 years old?


Some words can confuse because they are spelled differently according to whether they are nouns, verbs or adjectives.
• Practice (n), practise (vb)
• Dependant (n), dependent (adj)


Beware of different spellings that show nouns with different meanings. ‘Programme’ can mean (in British English) either a training programme – a series of sessions, or a TV programme – a TV broadcast. Drop a couple of letters and ‘program’ means computer software.

There is a British rhyme to help people remember tricky spellings.
“ I before E except after C”.

What do you think?
Is it helpful, or just confusing?
Do you have any clever ways to remember spellings?

Let us know!

Carmina Catena

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