Common mistakes – preposition

Is your IELTS Advanced preparation bringing you preposition problems? Check out these examples.

  • At a level / rate.
    We can obtain loans at cheaper rates.

  • X% of something.
    40% of students said they were pleased with their final

  • Between X and Y.
    The percentage rose dramatically between 2009 and 2011.

  • The figures / percentage/ total for a category or group.
    The average income for workers in this sector is over £30 K.

  • Be highest/ Rank second / Come top for something with.
    Cardiff comes top for visitors in Wales with 14.6 million visitors a year. Swansea ranks second in the table with 12 million. In official visitor league tables for attractions, Caernarfon Castle is highest with almost 3.5 million visitors.
Carmina Catena

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