Common mistakes – large numbers

Revising for your IELTS Intermediates? Do you find it difficult to use large numbers? We have some tips to share with you!

  • • When talking about a specific large number, DON’T add ‘s’ !
    10,000,000 = ten million

  • • Use the plural form of large numbers + of to express an approximate idea of how many.
    There are hundreds of workers out on strike today.

  • • Use numerals for large numbers – but context is key. In technical or formal writing write numerals, but if the number is less precise, it’s fine to write the number in words.
    About half a million.

  • • Use numerals for numbers that cannot be written in one or two words.
    Fewer than two million people turned out to last month’s local elections”. “Surveys reveal 1,987,456 people turned out to last month’s local elections.

• A is less formal than one.
If I had a million pounds, I would probably take a year off and travel around the world.

Carmina Catena

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