Common mistakes – gerund/infinitive

What follows ‘allow’, ‘advise’, ‘make’ and ‘suggest’? Gerund or infinitive? Can you judge correctly?

We think this rule of thumb can help:

Without a direct object use the gerund (verb functioning as a noun, ending in –ing).
The tutor allowed talking as long as it was in English.

ith a direct object use to + infinitive
The tutor allowed us to talk as long as it was in English.
Did you notice? The direct object must come between the verb and the infinitive.

Make’ is followed by the infinitive without to.
 “Mom made me wear a dress when grandma visited.

In the passive voice, ‘advise’, ‘allow’ and ‘make’ are followed by to-infinitive.
E.g. Be advised to, be allowed to, be made to.”

‘Suggest’ can be followed by – ing without a direct object.
“I suggested going to the beach.”

Has this been useful? Let us know!☺ 

Carmina Catena

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