Carmina Catena


Hi, my name is Carmina and I am an experienced and qualified English language coach. My job is to help you develop your project in English, whether you are preparing for an international conference, getting ready for an interview, taking an English exam or simply interested in gaining more confidence with your “business English” skills. 

I specialise in personal and professional projects and can help you through all phases of your project. I have a true passion for entrepreneurship and believe that all goals can be achieved if given the right support


About Carmina

I currently share my time between France and England and wear many hats (an English expression meaning that I have different roles or jobs). As well as English coaching, I work as a Cambridge English consultant and travel around France giving seminars in schools, universities and business colleges. I’ve been teaching English for 16 years in both France and England and I my qualifications include a Masters in Applied Linguistics, as well as CELTA, DELTA and DAEFLE teaching qualifications. I love travelling and my overseas charity work enables me to see the world while learning more about different cultures.  Food is yet another passion of mine along with climbing, clothes, wine, snowboarding and more.